August 4, 2008

Hello from Lori in Iowa.:)
I had my 20th class reunion July18th and 19th and let's just say that the Wash Class of '88 can party!! We had a good time.
I went to mom's pink boulder at Cedar Memorial and the plaque is on, yeah! She's located in the Garden of Reflection for all of you who would like to visit.
Nothing else new. Trying to stay cool in this August heat. Dave and my 4 year anniversary of dating will be August 9th. Very excited about that! I love my man more and more everyday...he's soooo good to me and the kitties!
I'll try to upload photos of the funeral on this website for all to see.
Love, Lori
P.S. Please send prayers to mom's sister, Karen Miller in Richardson, TX as her cancer has come back and is in her bones.

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Rani said...

My name is Rani and I am the daughter of Jannette Colbert. I knew Joyce through my mother. I lived in Cedar Rapids for a short time and then moved to South Carolina (and now more recently relocated to Massachusetts). I know my mom cared deeply for Joyce and had a hard time with her passing. I visited this blog because, while unpacking all my boxes from the move I uncovered a pink sweater Joyce made for my daughter -now about to be 3. A beautiful pink Hello Kitty sweater.

I loved reading your stories. Laughed often, cried much and smiled throughout. You all should be so lucky to have each other. Not only was your mom a wonderful woman, friend, mother and wife... she did something even better-- she passed that gift of wonderfulness on to you.

Thank you for sharing your life in this way.


Rani Colbert, Amelia Rose (3 yr old daughter) and my husband Shon