August 8, 2008

Dad, Jill and I picked out the pink boulder and bronze plaque for mom.
Looks GREAT! :)
Lori is tickled PINK! A bouquet of flowers I put at mom's gravesite....
Another view of her resting spot.....
Beautiful greenery is growing above the rock.....her urn is buried in the grass above

August 6, 2008

Jill, Steve, Alix and Zoe Noble
Lori and Joel Alexander-great friend from college
Jill and Aunt Karen

Aunt Karen, Uncle Lyle and Lori at Lori's home in Riverside
Dave and Lori before the funeral at their home

Aunt Karen and two friends

Christina Anderson, Lori and Brenda Fales

Molly and Lori

Jill and Steve after the funeral

Here's the photos of the Celebration of Life Service for mom at First Lutheran Church. I usually take lots more pictures everywhere I go but that day my mind was in a haze and I was not focused on taking pictures. Just wanted the family and friends who could not join us to see everyone.:) Lori

August 4, 2008

Hello from Lori in Iowa.:)
I had my 20th class reunion July18th and 19th and let's just say that the Wash Class of '88 can party!! We had a good time.
I went to mom's pink boulder at Cedar Memorial and the plaque is on, yeah! She's located in the Garden of Reflection for all of you who would like to visit.
Nothing else new. Trying to stay cool in this August heat. Dave and my 4 year anniversary of dating will be August 9th. Very excited about that! I love my man more and more everyday...he's soooo good to me and the kitties!
I'll try to upload photos of the funeral on this website for all to see.
Love, Lori
P.S. Please send prayers to mom's sister, Karen Miller in Richardson, TX as her cancer has come back and is in her bones.

June 20, 2008


It's Dale's birthday today!!!!!!!!!!
I tried calling him before I went to work but no answer.
I hope he's golfing and not working.


June 11, 2008

CD of Mom's Funeral

Hi family and friends, it's Lori here. I have bad news.
The CD that the church was suppose to make of mom's funeral service did not happen.:( BIG BUMMMER!
The person who usually tapes the service was gone that weekend and they had a fill in.
I had a weird feeling when Steve Noble tried to play it at the Gatewoods house and nothing was there. I just knew it was not to be. So I called First Lutheran and they said they would have the guy try to reformat or recut it. Not sure the technical terms they used.
NO LUCK. It did not get taped originally.
So I apologize for all those that could not be in attendance for the church's mistake. It saddens me that it didn't work.
Pastor Kay IS typing up her sermon though.:) We can send it out snail mail to anyone who would like to read it. As you know Jill's speech is already on this site. Dad's speech was in his head and on notecards so you're out of luck if you couldn't hear him speak as well. I was going to ask Steve Noble to videotape the service but decided I didn't need to do that as the church was going to audiotape it. BOO!

How am I doing you ask??? Pretty well.:) Not weepy, not crying. Staying busy. Happy that mom is not in pain anymore.I had a good talk with mom the day before I left Charlotte. I'd like to share our candid conversations with you all.

I was crying and said,"I don't want you to die." She replied as she was stroking my hair...."Please don't be sad. I want you to be happy. We had a great family....full of respect."
And the last words she said to me were, "NEVER underestimate my love for you!"
Those words are still comforting to me today. You see mom and I had our troubles before she got sick. We were both stubborn and set in our ways. She knew the exact buttons to push to set me off and she did a GREAT job at that! She was not fond of my boyfriend choice (Dave) at the time and that (along with a fight we had in Iowa City one visit) caused us to not speak for 1 1/2 years. When she got diagnosed with cancer December of 2006 that all changed. We simply squashed our differences and became friends again. She became accepting of Dave and my relationship and for the first time asked about him and got to know him as a person (through my stories) without always judging. "Tell Dave hi" or "make sure Dave comes to visit, I can't wait to meet him" would come out of her mouth when she was sick. She must have realized that I was (and still am) happy and in love with Dave. I'm not sure what a terminal illness does to one's Psyche but I think it puts everything into perspective and makes you allowing and accepting.
I know that I am a better person today having a spectacular mom like I did!
Mom's cremated remains were buried in the cremated section of Cedar Memorial for all who are interested in visiting her. Dad bought a boulder. It's pink.:) Her remains are buried behind the boulder in grass. A small bronze plaque will be epoxied to the boulder.
It will read LOVE ALWAYS
Joyce C. Lange
October 1st, 1939
May 02,2008
You have to walk down a pebble path next to a creek to find it. It's next to a boulder with the name SNODDGRASS for all who'd like to visit. I have my 20 year high school reunion July 18th weekend so a bunch of us are going to Cedar Memorial to put flowers on Andy Andrews, Jamie Harder and Jane Brooks gravesites. I'll put flowers by mom's boulder too. Not sure if the nameplate will be done by then or not. They said 6-8 weeks. There is a temporary nameplate on the grass behind the boulder for all to see until then.
Call dad every once in a while. He'd love to hear from you all. :) He's staying busy with Unity Church on Sunday's. Afterwards they have speakers/ groups he's involved with.
Love you all,
Lori :)
P.S. A personal thanks goes out to UNCLE LYLE HELDT for high-tailing it up from Florida. Your presence (AND YUMMY STEAKS AT THE BBQ) were MUCH appreciated! :) Mom missed a good party didn't she? Sorry I got bitchy about making the coffee on Friday at my house. I've never entertained 30 people before and I was a little F-R-A-Z-Z-L-E-D to say the least.:)
Also I'd like to thank AUNT KAREN MILLER for her support and SUPPLIES for the BBQ.:) You made it all a success!
Thanks too goes out to AUNT BETS LANGE. Your unconditional love for dad by being there to help mom in her final days were so loving and appreciated greatly! Thanks for traveling from Florida for the service. :)
Mom was right.....we have a great family. Full of respect.

May 28, 2008

Home with a phone/internet

After three work orders I now have phone service. On the way home I spent two days with my co-worker and friend Jerry at his condo in Gatlingburg, Tn. We rode a gondola up the mou ntain, capacity 120 people, took in a show, rode horses up a narrow, muddy, switchback, mountain trail, a helicopter ride and good food. It was a good diversion. When I got home I was scheduled to work the next four days so today is my first lazy day. My air conditioner is on the fritz so I just arranged a new one with my handyman neighbor. Wish me luck. Thanks to all who attended Joyce's service. Many from out of state. Lori is getting the audio as the one they gave me was blank. I reviewed the blogs and comments an hour ago and got a little weepy but I am keeping busy an am OK. Love and light to all, Dale Lange

May 19, 2008

from Jill...

Thanks to all of you who were able to make it to Mom's funeral. She would have loved to give each of you a big smile and hug.

I got several requests for a copy of the words I spoke about Mom, so I thought I would post them here:

I want to share a few things I'll never forget about Mom:

-She loved her family. Mom -- and Dad too-- both said "I love you" a lot. I was surprised and sad the first time I heard that not all kids are that lucky.

-She was a great Mom. She never played favorites, never expected Lori and I to be alike or to be like her. She was willing to celebrate our differences but love us both the same.

-She was a great wife. I never heard her talk disrespecfully about Dad or to Dad. Even angry I don't remember her ever resorting to name-calling or meanness. She often told me how lucky she was to have Dad, and how great or handsome he is. She gave me great advice years ago about marraige. She said that she and Dad never let divorce become an option, so they always were able to work out any problems.

-She loved her granddaughters. She came when each of them was born, and loved them as babies, and enjoyed watching them grow. She would get so tickled to talk to them on the phone, and loved shopping for them. She was awesome at shopping for little girls. She bought each of them a knitting bag with yarn, needles and all of the accessories and was so proud of them when they learned to knit. She was willing to buy them the "noisy toys" that Steve and I are so reluctant to buy, and she came to visit every birthday she could.

-She was a hard worker. I could count on waking up to a vacuum every Saturday morning, and before the morning was over, Lori and I were also vacuuming, dusting, and cleaning bathrooms. She also made the work fun. When she cleaned the kitchen floor, she would line the chairs up in the hallway and Lori and I would play choo-choo train.

-She spoke well of people. I don't ever remember her cutting anyone down to their face, or behind it.

-She loved baseball. We got out of school an hour or so before Mom got off of work. It was not unusual during baseball season for her to make us interrupt Brady Bunch or Scooby Doo to turn to TBS or WGN and tell her the score of a Cub's or Brave's game. She would do mounds of ironing watching baseball, and she took us to Wrigley Field a few times to see the Cubs in person. That love didn't get passed on. I always took a good book.

-She loved to knit. One of my earliest memories is of her knitting a pink and maroon afghan at Park Town apartments. She often knit during her commutes in San Francisco, but got too busy when we were kids to knit much. I'm so grateful she took the time when I was in elementary school to teach me how to knit, and it was awesome to see her really take it up again when she retired.

-She was creative. Another early memory from the apartments was watching her make headboards for our twin beds. One was Raggedy Ann, and another was Raggedy Andy. I remember watching her paint their faces and staple on their hair. I also remember watching her paint the frame of a corkboard for our room. She painted flowers around it, and across the top she painted "Love One Another"

-She loved music. Especially Frank Sinatra, Barbra Strisand and Olivia Newton-John. She sang to us when we were little. She sang quite off-key and often improvised the lyrics. My piano playing was as bad as her singing, but we would sit together on the piano bench and I would play and we would sing. I sing many of the same songs to my girls. Mairzy Doats and Funny Face are a couple of their favorites.

-She dreamed big. I remember her Christmas list in 1981. Number 1 on her list was "a fling with Frank Sinatra". Number 2 was a 1980 Thunderbird. She did get the Thunderbird 5 or 6 years later.

-She loved her cats. Over the years Banjo, Topaz, Morris, Monet and Cashmere got lots of love from Mom.

-She loved feeding the birds and squirrels outside. When we were little, when bread or crackers got stale, we would always throw them in the backyard for the birds. In the house in Charlotte, almost every window has a bird feeder in view, and there are quite a few outside the kitchen window by the phone. I could count on hearing about the birds out the window every time I called Mom. This last visit when she became bedridden I would sit on her bed and describe the birds in the backyard, especially a cardinal and his mate who were building a nest tall in a tree.

When someone would tell me that I look like my mother she would say, "Tell them thank you!"
I'm happy to take after Mom in many ways, and other ways I'm still aspiring to be like her.

Feel free to share any memories you have of Mom in the comments.