June 11, 2008

CD of Mom's Funeral

Hi family and friends, it's Lori here. I have bad news.
The CD that the church was suppose to make of mom's funeral service did not happen.:( BIG BUMMMER!
The person who usually tapes the service was gone that weekend and they had a fill in.
I had a weird feeling when Steve Noble tried to play it at the Gatewoods house and nothing was there. I just knew it was not to be. So I called First Lutheran and they said they would have the guy try to reformat or recut it. Not sure the technical terms they used.
NO LUCK. It did not get taped originally.
So I apologize for all those that could not be in attendance for the church's mistake. It saddens me that it didn't work.
Pastor Kay IS typing up her sermon though.:) We can send it out snail mail to anyone who would like to read it. As you know Jill's speech is already on this site. Dad's speech was in his head and on notecards so you're out of luck if you couldn't hear him speak as well. I was going to ask Steve Noble to videotape the service but decided I didn't need to do that as the church was going to audiotape it. BOO!

How am I doing you ask??? Pretty well.:) Not weepy, not crying. Staying busy. Happy that mom is not in pain anymore.I had a good talk with mom the day before I left Charlotte. I'd like to share our candid conversations with you all.

I was crying and said,"I don't want you to die." She replied as she was stroking my hair...."Please don't be sad. I want you to be happy. We had a great family....full of respect."
And the last words she said to me were, "NEVER underestimate my love for you!"
Those words are still comforting to me today. You see mom and I had our troubles before she got sick. We were both stubborn and set in our ways. She knew the exact buttons to push to set me off and she did a GREAT job at that! She was not fond of my boyfriend choice (Dave) at the time and that (along with a fight we had in Iowa City one visit) caused us to not speak for 1 1/2 years. When she got diagnosed with cancer December of 2006 that all changed. We simply squashed our differences and became friends again. She became accepting of Dave and my relationship and for the first time asked about him and got to know him as a person (through my stories) without always judging. "Tell Dave hi" or "make sure Dave comes to visit, I can't wait to meet him" would come out of her mouth when she was sick. She must have realized that I was (and still am) happy and in love with Dave. I'm not sure what a terminal illness does to one's Psyche but I think it puts everything into perspective and makes you allowing and accepting.
I know that I am a better person today having a spectacular mom like I did!
Mom's cremated remains were buried in the cremated section of Cedar Memorial for all who are interested in visiting her. Dad bought a boulder. It's pink.:) Her remains are buried behind the boulder in grass. A small bronze plaque will be epoxied to the boulder.
It will read LOVE ALWAYS
Joyce C. Lange
October 1st, 1939
May 02,2008
You have to walk down a pebble path next to a creek to find it. It's next to a boulder with the name SNODDGRASS for all who'd like to visit. I have my 20 year high school reunion July 18th weekend so a bunch of us are going to Cedar Memorial to put flowers on Andy Andrews, Jamie Harder and Jane Brooks gravesites. I'll put flowers by mom's boulder too. Not sure if the nameplate will be done by then or not. They said 6-8 weeks. There is a temporary nameplate on the grass behind the boulder for all to see until then.
Call dad every once in a while. He'd love to hear from you all. :) He's staying busy with Unity Church on Sunday's. Afterwards they have speakers/ groups he's involved with.
Love you all,
Lori :)
P.S. A personal thanks goes out to UNCLE LYLE HELDT for high-tailing it up from Florida. Your presence (AND YUMMY STEAKS AT THE BBQ) were MUCH appreciated! :) Mom missed a good party didn't she? Sorry I got bitchy about making the coffee on Friday at my house. I've never entertained 30 people before and I was a little F-R-A-Z-Z-L-E-D to say the least.:)
Also I'd like to thank AUNT KAREN MILLER for her support and SUPPLIES for the BBQ.:) You made it all a success!
Thanks too goes out to AUNT BETS LANGE. Your unconditional love for dad by being there to help mom in her final days were so loving and appreciated greatly! Thanks for traveling from Florida for the service. :)
Mom was right.....we have a great family. Full of respect.

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