May 28, 2008

Home with a phone/internet

After three work orders I now have phone service. On the way home I spent two days with my co-worker and friend Jerry at his condo in Gatlingburg, Tn. We rode a gondola up the mou ntain, capacity 120 people, took in a show, rode horses up a narrow, muddy, switchback, mountain trail, a helicopter ride and good food. It was a good diversion. When I got home I was scheduled to work the next four days so today is my first lazy day. My air conditioner is on the fritz so I just arranged a new one with my handyman neighbor. Wish me luck. Thanks to all who attended Joyce's service. Many from out of state. Lori is getting the audio as the one they gave me was blank. I reviewed the blogs and comments an hour ago and got a little weepy but I am keeping busy an am OK. Love and light to all, Dale Lange

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Anonymous said...

Dear Dale,

We've been thinking about you. It's a hard time. How well I know. But God is Good and He's there for you.
The service was so nice. Jill did such a nice tribute to her mom, including the sense of humor Joyce was noted for! And it was good to hear from you, too, Dale.

Love, Marj