May 2, 2008

Joyce slept after getting morphine for the duration. I doubt if she was in any pain. She passed over at 2:49 AM. A memorial service will be held at the First Lutheran church in Cedar Rapids, Ia. Time and date to be posted here and in the CR Gazette. Dale


Lou-Lou said...

THANK YOU dad for your undying love for mom. I have never seen a husband do thee incredible like you have done for the past 42 years and especially the last year and a half. It's been a tough road here lately and you've been a TRUE hero throughout!

Pet Monet and Cashmere a lot as they will be missing mom and wondering where their snuggle bed buddy went to. I'll see you soon!
Love, Lori:)

Anonymous said...

Lori, you know my number, if you need ANYTHING, someone to talk to, someone to yell at, a shoulder, call me. Carolyn

Anonymous said...

A great lady, a true friend. I will miss her in all ways.

You all are in my heart and prayers