March 25, 2008

Dale and Joyce at Charlotte, NC

Welcome to Dale and Joyce's blog. Seems a great way to keep ya-all updated on Joyce's health. A little history. On Dec 26, 2006 Joyce woke up with severe chest pain. The hospital's diagnosis was: small cell carcinoma (cancer) in the chest lymph glands and throughout the skeletal system. She was very ill, needing help with clothing, showers, etc. After chemotherapy she was much better and could shop, eat out, and function around the house. Later she had a relapse and a new tumor on the liver. More chemo. Again, things went back to what we now considered normal. September of 07 she started having mental issues so she had radiation for the tumor in her brain with good results. More quality time. March 6, 2008 a cat scan indicated new growth in the liver and chest glands. The doctor prescribed five treatments of a new chemo starting 3-10-08. At the first chemo treatment I mentioned to the Doctor that her mental faculties were again slipping. Joyce's brother, Lyle Heldt, was visiting at that time and took her to the hospital for an MRI. His delightfully profane critique of our medical establishment was hilarious. The MRI showed three new brain tumors. The chemo was dropped and 12 days of radiation of the brain started. The Oncologist said that any more chemo would make her sick and turned us over to hospice. They have been coming by for the last week. Joyce has enjoyed the many phone calls; keep them coming. We are looking forward to Lori's visit next week. By for now.


Lou-Lou said...

Yeah dad! :) You are learning the computer very well. I'm proud of you!
I wanted you to know that you are doing a SUPERB job of taking care of mom. From the laundry to the dusting,vacuuming, keeping her meds straight,buying a new dishwasher, big screen T.V., doctor appointment visits, cooking, working,making phone calls, picking up and taking all the visitors to and from the airport, being a GREAT tour guide to all the friends and family,your tasks are never done.
I can only hope to have a terrific husband like you someday.:)So far Dave's been wonderful you'll be glad to know.:)
I'll be at the airport Saturday night 7:20 p.m. AMERICAN AIRLINES this time flight#4457. See you at baggage claim! I'll call you tomorrow mid- morning(Thursday 27th)to chat. Can't wait to see you both! I miss you guys and the kitties.....Lori

Anonymous said...

Dale & Joyce, I have not met you but I have heard so much about you that I feel I know you well. My thoughts and prayers are with you both and have been from the beginning. I am Dave's mom, and Lori has been very special to me for quite some time now. Take good care of her while she is with you and Dave and her friends and I will do the same when she is with us. God Bless you both. Carolyn

Linda said...

Dear Aunt Joyce,
Try to keep your spirits up! I'm so sad to hear your condition is worse. Please know that all my good thoughts and prayers are with you. How comforting to have Dale to take such good care of you! He's doing a great job with the blog to keep in touch with us all. Take care, I will keep in touch with you both.
love, your niece Linda & the Montgomery Zoo

Peggy Hardiman said...

Dale & Joyce, I met you once a few years back at Lori's home in IA City. I don't expect you to remember that, but just wanted you to know that I've always thought your daughter was/is amazing and I love being around her. When I met you both combined with the continuing stories Lori shares with me, it all makes sense. Much love, prayers and positive vibes for you all.

Bets said...

I keep trying to post a comment but it never seems to work. I try again. Lori will be there soon. Love and prayers to you both.

Dana said...

Dale and Joyce, hello my name is Dana Albright, don't want you to confuse me with Cooper, any way I am a friend of your daughter Lori and I just wanted to let you both know that my prayers and thoughts are with you at this time. Dale continue to be strong for Joyce as she will need your strength and all her loved ones strength to get through this.
Lori is a wonderful daughter and a very vauled friend, and I want to thank the two of you for creating such a wonderful person. Know that she is a loving and giving person and I couldn't do without her.
Many prayers and much love to you both,
Dana Albright

robin said...

Uncle Dale & Aunt Joyce:

Please know the Nolen family is sending caring kisses and healing hugs your way.
Dale, we are so strengthed by the love and sacrifice you have given for Joyce during this battle...keep up the fight, as she is so worth it!
Mom's visit with you both was so enjoyable...hospitality is something you both make seem effortless.
Thanks for keeping all of us posted, and know you will be in our prayers daily.
You are both favorites!

Much love,
Robin and family

Anonymous said...

Hi. I think I may have met Joyce years ago while I was at ISU. Lou-Lou and I lived on the same dorm floor for a little while in Towers. She introduced me to a great part-time job as an usher at CY Stephens and Hilton Col. And we've managed to keep in touch over the years. I just wanted to let you know that you all are in my prayers and thoughts! I know you all are very strong people and I'm glad you have each other.

karen Miller said...

Howdy from: Texas, Sis. Karen
I feel so sad Joyce has gotten worse and I hope
I get to see you both soon.
Dale you are so good and when I was there ... You
had so much on your plate and still showed me such
a good time . Joyce felt better than and we had fun
shopping and eating out . I really thought she could
beat this as I have done so far .
I am glad Lori and Jill will be there to comfort you both. We Love you all so much .
God Bless, Dave and Karen

Anonymous said...

Dear Dale, Joyce and Lori
Keep the updates coming. This is a great way to stay in touch. Am glad you are there Lori and that Jill will join you and Dale soon. My thoughts and prayers are with you each day. Make use of all the time you can with Mom, Lori. Love to you both, Aunt Bets

Anonymous said...

Thanks Lori for the update. I am so glad you are there
wish I could be too. This helps so much to know
exactly how she is ... I put all of you on our prayer
list at work ... we have prayer every morning and 3
others at work have relatives going through the same.
Sounds like the kitties are a lot of comfort too. They
are such a comfort to Joyce . One of them slept with
me when I was there and left my bedroom door open.
I love the way they sleep in the window in their
bathroom. Such a clever shelf .
Joyce always kept the birds fed too so it was fun
to watch them eat in the feeders such beautiful
It has been rainy and a couple tornados touched down in some towns here in Texas today ... Thank goodness not ours.
Dave and I will keep you in our prayers and I hope
all the days our good ones .
Love ,Aunt Karen and Uncle Dave

Anonymous said...

Dear people and cats, I am so thankful for the blogsite. I finally got into it and tried to save on favorites but instead "folder" in which there is nothing. The story of my computer life. I think about the birthday party you had for the cat (cats?) when you two lived in apt. I remember you invited all the cats in the bldg., fed them tuna fish and gave them each a toy mouse. It still warms me to remember that. And Dale---what can I say -- you are so dear! And Lori can make us laugh, no matter what. Glad Jill's coming soon. God bless you!!!!!!! Marj

Anonymous said...

I learned something! I found out I could post on here too. I love the posting from Dale and daughter Lori. Such love and caring coming through in every line. I can not tell you how pleased I am too see you girls rallying round your Mom and Dad. They sure must have done something right! I love Joyce so very much, We use to have such fun together, she and Shirley Kopet, and Sally, and Sam. I am so glad that I got to spend even the very brief time I got to do so. Tell her that I've written and that my thoughts turn to her every single day and the last thing before I sleep at night. God bless us everyone, Laura