March 30, 2008


Hi guys! :) I've arrived in Charlotte and it's cold. I watched the end of the North Carolina basketball game last night. CONGRATS Tarheels on going to the Final Four. :) Brrrrr.......I packed summer clothes thinking it would be warmer...silly me. Glad mom and I wear the same size.
Sidebar....American Airlines rocks! Love the little plane I flew in. It has a single side on the left of the plane with one seat. Perfect for single flyers. Nothing in this world is made for singles really.
Here's an update on mom. She's in EXCELLENT spirits, very happy. She sleeps most of the time but when she's awake she talks about the birds in the backyard and her cats Monet and Cashmere. Monet sleeps on her pillow and always watches over her. It's super sweet. "Cas" and I have had our differences. She loves her head petted but if I touch anywhere else she nails me with her razor-sharp claws. I'm soooo done with her. :) But she's sweet to mom and sleeps by her legs.
Back to mom. She's physically weak and only leaves bed to eat and to go to the restroom with the help of a walker. She has the hiccups that come and go. It makes me giggle. Her hands tremor when eating but she has a great appetite. She compliments the cook and told me today dad has been the best husband ever. "HE DOES EVERYTHING," she said.:) I asked if she's in pain and she said No. The pain meds are doing the trick.
Her memory is shot. I showed her family and friend photos off my hotpink IPOD and she could not tell me who anyone was. I'd tell her,"This is Jill (my sister) Zoe and Alix my nieces and she said,"Oh yeah, it is!" I even pointed to me and asked who that was and she answered, "Hmmm....I should know that but I don't."
But guess what??? She's still my mom and she's the best! I'm SOOOO glad I came down to Charlotte to spend this week with her, dad and the rowdy cats.:) Anticipating the arrival of Jill at the end of this week. Jill-we need your arrival and departure info. so please call us.:)
More updates to come. Time for hotdogs and saurerkraut. BYE!

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