April 16, 2008

Another day in Charlotte

Dear Friends and Family:
Today is Wednesday and all is well. Joyce was much quieter today. She did enjoy her meals and chocolate treats. Not eating a lot but enjoys what she does eat. Dale got a chance to run some errands and get out of the house for a few hours. Then came home and mowed the lawn. At dinner time we ate and watched the Pope talk to his bishops in D.C. church. Dale and I both are hard of hearing and kept asking each other. "Do you understand that?" Guess we should have had our hearing aids in, huh? Tomorrow the nurse comes again. Hospice help is a great thing.
Will write more tomorrow.
Love to all, Bets

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Lou-Lou said...

Those darn Catholics anyway! Better off not hearing what they have to say. :) Just kidding of course. I never understood "sinning" then going into a little box and telling some guy what you did. Isn't that tattling on yourself?? Then to be forgiven? Why not sin and sin and sin some more if you'll get forgiven??
I spent the morning weeding then mulching my flower beds. Thought about the times on Vernon Court mom and I planted flowers in the tulip beds. She was proud of her tulips that created a 1976 formation.
Glad you two are keeping mom company and her spirits are well.:) Lori