April 7, 2008


Hi from Jill--
Barb the hospice nurse paid a visit this morning. She is a wonderful nurse, but what she said was hard to hear. She talked about what we can expect to see in Mom's health as she declines, and it is so sad. It set the tone for a sad day.

I did some grocery shopping after breakfast. I splurged on a few items. I got some daisies for Mom's windowsill and some artichoke dip from the deli. When I got home I asked Mom if she wanted a snack, and she was thrilled that I had bought the artichoke dip. I fed her cracker after cracker and she kept wanting more. She said that her Dad loved artichoke dip and it reminded her of him. I had no idea, but I thought that was pretty cool.

She got up to the table for all three meals, but tired pretty quickly. I spent the afternoon with her in bed talking and listening to music. She has always loved Barbra Streisand, Olivia Newton-John and Frank Sinatra. When I was a kid, many of Mom's albums were in my room in my stereo cabinet. I would pull them out and listen to them along with my own albums. (Like Shaun Cassidy and Free to Be You and Me.) Mom and I were both singing to Barbra Streisand's Second Album today. Years ago I loved the song on that album called Coloring Book. Listening to it again today, I realized it is a very sad song. I don't remember it being a sad song, but I may not have heard it in 30 years.

I made scalloped oysters for dinner. Dad thawed about a quart of oysters the other day intending to make oyster stew. The main ingredient in oyster stew is milk, and he and Mom only drink soy milk, and I didn't know how that would work. I volunteered to make scalloped oysters, and it was a hit. It turned out great. I also made chocolate chip cookies. Unfortunately, Mom tired out before dessert so we took her to bed and I promised her I'd bring her a cookie tomorrow. It's too bad, though. They are best fresh out of the oven.

We continue to be grateful for all of your love and support. Thank you all.
Love, Jill


Lou-Lou said...

Glad you got to meet Barb the Hospice nurse. She is so fun and likable. In my experience I found she tells it like it is in a comforting way.
Glad you're there Jill.:)
Mom appreciates it more than you know!
I found great comfort just lying in her bed watching her sleep and talking to her.
Thanks for keeping her spirits lit bright!
Love, Lori

Anonymous said...

Dear Jill, Lori, Dale
This blog is such a good idea. Every day I look forward to reading your updates. Sounds like Joyce is getting a lot of love and attention. Savor the moments together. I am looking forward to Cindy and Philip both coming for Mother's Day this year. We never seem to get to spend time together -- just the 3 of us. Philip is having back problems again. An MRI showed that he has lost 2 discs in his lower back. He is on medication and has to wear a back brace.
Love and prayers, Aunt Bets