April 5, 2008

My last day with my mom...

Hi everyone! :) Jill's here, yeah! She arrived late as her plane was sitting on the runway in Detroit. They told them it was due to "paperwork" but someone with a laptop on the plane looked it up and it said "unscheduled maintenance." Anyhoo....she arrived.
Mom was thrilled to see Jill.:) She put her hand out and they held hands. Very cool sight.

Jill and I spent the day organizing jewelry. It took hours! Mom has a huge jewelry collection fit for a queen...because she is a queen! I also cleaned the master bathroom and vanity.
Now I'm pooped and getting ready for bed. I need to be at the airport by 6 a.m. for my 8 a.m. flight home. I miss my boyfriend Dave TONS. My kitties? Not so much. I love them but this is the first trip I've taken where they have someone (Dave) to love em' feed em' pet em' and be there the whole time so they are in great hands.

How's mom today?

Not so hot. Today was a rough one for her. She's having difficulties getting up out of bed. She barely has the strength to get up. Dad will ask next week if we can get an adjustable bed from hospice for her. He'll also get someone to bathe her twice weekly as she will not be able to get into the tub. Her legs are too weak to hike up over the tub.
Jill put Barbara Streisand in a CD player and put it on her bed. We left to organize jewelry and could hear her sing to it every once in a while. That made our day. :) She's still eating well so that's a good sign. This will be my last blog entry for this trip.
Take care everyone. Keep the prayers coming for a peaceful and painless rest of the journey for mom. She has very limited time left on earth. Also pray for dad as he is the most incredibly strong and loving man I've ever met!
Love to you all, Lori


Anonymous said...

Lori, thanks so much for keeping us updated daily on what is happening and Mom's condition. I know from experience that it is hard to leave when you know it will be the last time you will be together. I am so glad you were able to spend time together and that Jill is now with Mom and Dad. I hope Jill will keep the blog going. I check it often and I know that others do also. Have a safe trip home.
Aunt Bets

Anonymous said...

You have been a blessing to your mom and dad and to all of us, Lori. And I know everyone is so glad to have Jill there. What would we be without our kids who are always there for us. Thank you for the daily reports on your mom and your dad, too. I've been looking through tons of photo albums today and so many many memories of the Lange bunch. I miss those times and those Langes, (most especially my #146 ISP) I love you.

Aunt Marj

Anonymous said...

We are thinking about each of you every day! It will be a great gift to each of you that you have been able to send time together and to be there for each other. Our love, thoughts and prayers are with you as you make this journey together. We love you all!
Cousin Dennis, Terri and family