April 19, 2008

Saturday in Charlotte

Dear Family and Friends:
Today Joyce is more alert and the smiles are back. Even ate two of the chocolate chips cookies I baked. Dale just went outside to hit a few practice golf balls but I bet he will be coming in soon as it has started to rain. It is much needed. With the drought Charlotte had last year, the lawns are not in very good shape. The paper yesterday informed us that we can now water and wash cars one day a week. Dale took advantage of that news and washed both our vehicles this morning. It has been interesting watching the Pope's visit to the U.S. on TV. What ceremony - pomp and circumstance!!
Shalom, Bets

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Anonymous said...

It looks like I didn't do right and get the comment posted. Just wanted to say I just now got home from CF and anxious for the update of my sister-in-law. Thanks so much. I can't keep you all out of my thoughts.

Joyce is a real fighter!

Much love,