April 3, 2008

Good morning!

Lori here.:) It's a cold and rainy day today. Good day to stay inside and organize closets.:) Tomorrow will be 78 degrees and sunny. Weird weather this week.

Mom had a little fall this morning dad said. I don't know the particulars because I was sleeping but she's just fine. He woke me and had me come out to watch her while he went to run errands.

Barb the nurse was here this a.m. doing her twice weekly checks. Mom was in bed and a little dizzy when she got up. Her blood pressure was a little high:148/98 said Barb. We waited until she got her bearings then she got up out of bed on her own and scooted with her walker to the kitchen table briskly. Barb said she did not get injured in the fall as she was able to walk fast with her walker and get out of bed on her own.

SUPER FUNNY STORY.........As mom and I were eating breakfast, Barb was talking about her cat. She said her cat is mean to her but very nice to her husband. Mom's response?? With a disgusted look on her face she replied, "That's because he's ugly!" Oh my gosh I've never laughed so hard in my life! Mom has never met or seen this man. She is fiesty as ever. So that's been my morning thus far. Full of laughs and it's not even noon yet!

Dad went to get his hairs cut (eyebrows and all so he won't look like 60 Minutes Andy Rooney any longer) then to pick up the beautiful light fixtures we picked out a few days ago and onto the grocery store.
May 6th is the Democratic Primary in North Carolina so the candidates are arriving in the state. Bill and Hill are coming tomorrow to Charlotte. Location unannounced. Dad and I might try to see them. I detest Hillary but LOVE Bill so I want to check them out. If she's the Democratic candidate I'm voting for McCain. 1st time I'd switch to vote Republican. (God rest my soul!)
I better go now so I can clean clean clean. The house is shaping up nicely.
One more day until Jill arrives, yeahhhhhhh!!!!! Lori

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Carolyn said...

Republican? I love you Lori, but let's get real! A write in would be better!
I love you so much and since we lost Jim these last two weeks I am praying for just as a peaceful an end for your dear mother when her time comes. My prayers are still going up to Our Father for her, you, and your family. Much love from one that has been there.