April 9, 2008

I'm going home tomorrow...

and it is going to be very hard. I miss Steve and the girls, but how do you say goodbye to your mother? I am grateful for the time I've had with her this year. So many people don't get to say what they need to say, and I'm happy I've been able to. It's also hard leaving Dad. I really wish I could stay and help out longer. A huge thank you to Uncle Lyle and Aunt Bets for making themselves available to help Dad when he needs it.

Every day Mom is getting a little weaker and is able to sit up for shorter lengths of time. Today at dinner her back really started to hurt, and continued to hurt after she laid down. We gave her a pain pill which we don't have to do very often. Most days the patch is enough pain medication, but the tumor in her spine must be growing.

Dr. Grevis the hospice physician visited today. He was really nice, and Mom is in very good hands. He is a former neurosurgeon and really knows his stuff.

Pray for me to get home safely tomorrow. I'm flying through Minneapolis, and they are supposed to be getting a snowstorm. One day at a time...

Love you all!

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