April 13, 2008

Hello from Charlotte on a sunny Sunday Afternoon

It is cool but sunny today. Joyce has been resting all day with the cats keeping vigil. Since I am here to be with Joyce, Dale is playing farmer this afternoon. He is tilling the soil in the backyard and said he is going to raise some tomatoes and cukes. It is good to see him out getting some fresh air and exercise. Joyce is not talking much today but said she is not in any pain. Not much else to report at the present time. Will get off another note tomorrow.

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Lou-Lou said...

YEAH for Aunt Bet's arrival.:) Thank you so much for being there. It means a lot for mom and dad. It kills my soul knowing mom is dying and now is in pain but I'm leaving it all in God's hands.
I get great comfort knowing the people she loves are there in her final days.
THANKS AGAIN!!! And for all the people that can't be there physically? That's okay because mom knows you all are there in spirit!
:) Lori