April 2, 2008

Another great day spent with my mom....

Good evening! Lori again from Charlotte. Gorgeous day today but I was inside "organizing" all day. I'm POOPED! At dad's request I have been sorting through 3 closets full of mom's clothes. Not just clothes but tons of shoes, coats, purses, bags and children's toys for the grandkids Alix and Zoe. I've finished up on the spare bedroom closet and almost finished with the computer room closet but I ran out of steam and boxes. Tomorrow I'll tackle mom's "REAL" closet in her bedroom. She's aware of what I'm doing and has thanked me numerous times today for helping dad.
How is Joyce you ask?? Well she's still my mom.:) She may not look like herself or act like her vibrant self or dress like her snazzy self but her fiery spirit is still alive.:)
She woke up this morning and I got her a bowl of cheerios and a bacon/egg toasted sandwich. She then went back to bed until lunch. Dad got us wonderfully tasty Chinese and she ate her chicken/veggie meal, an eggroll, a crabmeat rangoon and a fortune cookie. Her appetite is GREAT! Then it was back to bed. She's been listening to talk radio on her walkman. I think she's sleeping all the time but she's not. She's awake with her eyes closed. Monet and Cashmere are in with her right now. Cas by her legs and Monet on her pillow. They are great comfort to her. For dinner she ate the rest of the Chinese. We've been encouraging her to sit in a chair in the living room and watch TV and hang out with us but she's too exhausted. 5 minutes at the dinner table for meals and to the restroom does her in.
Dad mowed the yard this morning then went to work from 3p.m.-11:00 p.m. so I'm "mom-sitting" which is great.:) She really does need someone with her at all times for assistance to the restroom with her walker. She has troubles getting up from a chair or the bed as her bones are very weak. But boy does she scoot fast with that walker!! She's a pro.... The neighbor lady sat with mom when dad went to the airport to pick me up. How wonderful are these neighbors?? They are great support to mom and dad.:)
2 MORE DAYS UNTIL JILL'S ARRIVAL-YEAH! I'm putting her to work. Mom has about 1,000 skeens of yarn and tons of finished kid's sweaters. Good luck Jill. This is your project to organize.:)
Looking at each individual sweater makes me totally appreciate mom's talent. She is such a gifted knitter. I'm impressed! She commented today how she loves to give them away to family and friends because everyone loves them. Well said.......

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