April 4, 2008


Good evening everyone! :) My trip is winding down. I fly out Sunday morning at 8 a.m. It's been bitter sweet. I don't want to leave as I know I won't see mom again in this lifetime.:( Very tough.....makes me appreciate LIFE and all it's wonders a lot more~

Mom is "the same" today. Up for breakfast, lunch and dinner and to the restroom then back in bed with Cashmere and Monet. She's been listening to her walkman talk radio today some.
She's excited for Jill's arrival late tonight, so am I!
I spent the day at mom's bathroom vanity "organizing." Really that means throwing expired toiletries away. TIP OF THE DAY.....canned foods and lotion, hair care products, makeup only last a while not for a decade or two. Bless her heart she loved her makeup,lotions,potions, perfume and "stuff" but it almost all was old and had to go. (Except the perfume, jewelry and current make-up.....keeping all of that)
I've taken pictures of mom and her kitties in bed. If Dave can help me get them off my camera and onto the blog next week when I arrive home I'll post them. She really does have a great head for baldness.
I better go finish the vanity area and put the sheets on the bed for Jill. Bye!! Lori

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