April 1, 2008

Beautiful 70 degree day with sunshine....

Good evening from Charlotte.:) Lori again. Enjoying my trip to the folk's home.
Today started off with a visit from the Hospice social worker. I chose to sleep through that one. Mom was less than enthused about her visit. "That lady invaded my space. I don't know her purpose." was mom's response when talking about her visit. Dad and I explained that she comes once every 2 weeks to help with paperwork and pay for all medication. "Well Dale may be lonely but I'm not," was her response. I had to try really hard not to laugh at that one but dad cracked up. She's the same ol' Joyce in most ways.:)
Mom got up to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner and that was basically it. Still a great appetite. I laid in bed and we went over small photo albums together. She was able to tell me the name of her high school prom date, Jack and all the bridesmaids in her wedding, her grandkids Zoe and Alix. So today her mind seems pretty good. She has troubles at times getting complete sentences formed but with prompting she can do it.
She seriously has 25 radios in the house but thinks none of them work. So she said she wanted 2 walkmans for Christmas. She said,"Dale won't buy one for me but I know you'll come through with it."I took the one by her bed out of the room. Brought it back later, put it on a news channel and gave it back to her. She was thrilled! "What do I owe you?" She said. "Nothing. I stole it," I replied. :) "No you didn't!" So then I explained she owed me nothing and it was her old walkman. She doesn't believe it. So there is some confusion due to the radiation/tumors in the brain.
Dad and I left for a bit while she was sleeping. We went to Lowe's and Lee's Lighting. Dad purchased all new lighting units for the house with my decorating expertise. SUPER FUN! (Especially when it's not my money!) The house will now be modernized to the 2000's. We showed mom the dining room chandelier in the box. She loved it! "Thanks for doing that, it's beautiful!" she said.
Tomorrow I'll organize her closet. She said that would be great help to dad. Yesterday was spent throwing out 98% of their food pantry. Let's just say no one looks at expiration dates in this household, EVER! :)
Dad's doing an incredible job of managing everything. He's extremely organized and patient. I'm super impressed. Everyone should have a "Dale" around if they become sick.
Signing off now. I'm going to enjoy Versus T.V. station on cable. LOVE IT! Cage boxing, extreme fighting and bullriding. 3 days until Jill arrives. Mom is looking forward to a family picture. So am I :) Lori

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