April 29, 2008

It rained the last two days, much needed. Today was outstanding, no clouds, high of 68 degrees, the trees are leafed out, roses blooming, and a pair of brown thrushes making a nest in the arbor on the back deck. Thrushes usually distance themsulves from man so I feel honored. Barb the nurse was here yesterday and took me to school; Dying 101. She said that the first sign is elevated blood pressure. This happened about 13 days ago. Next elevated heartbeat and low blood pressure. Her pressure was low Monday; heartbeat, 99. She went on but this is probably more than one who spends life ignoring death wants to know. I read today that man is not a body inhabited by a spirit but a spirit teporarily inhabiting a body. Humm. Dale

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Lou-Lou said...

You're doing GREAT dad, keep your spirits up! I'm thinking of you and mom each and every second of my days......wish I was there holding her hand silently..I'm there in spirit. :)
Love, Lori
P.S. I love Barb the nurse, she rocks!